Format: TV Series / Live Action and Animation, 26 episodes à 21 minutes.
Target Audience: 6 - 9 years / girls and boys / international
Goal of the series
With funny and exciting stories all around cooking, in search of the origins of crops and other food ingredients, to discover in which dishes these are to be found, how they look and taste in their original state, through to cooking Mick’s diverse and delicious recipes, ending in eating appetizing dishes with relish.

Facts on the Series

Mick is a little kobold with a chef's hat - a Kobold Chef - who explores the wonderful world of food with kids from all over the world. That's what he's passionate about and his whole existence is all about foodstuffs, where they come from and what one can do with them. It's his natural destiny to awake this passion with the small human omnivores! Mick has a fine antenna to detect kids having problems or questions while cooking - his chef's hat. Suddenly it starts to wiggle and shake. This gives Mick a thrill of anticipation because this means yet another cooking adventure begins. From his own great-great-grandfather Muck he inherited a magic cooking spoon which he rarely puts aside because - a little magic can never harm when cooking! Whenever desired, he can use it to have a saucepan fly across to the stove, make a knife chop onions in lightning speed or - just for the fun of it - make a bunch of scallions dance a polka. In Brasil naturally a samba! When Mick swings his magic spoon it's best to keep a safe distance. The spoon is really very old and the magic has a loose contact...

Who's that Kobold?